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Berkshire Hardwood

Character Hardwood Flooring

Broomstick Hickory

Berkshire Hardwood Floors

Our Berkshire floors re-create the distressed characteristics of hardwood that originally served utilitarian purposes, and eventually became beautiful flooring. Planks feature character marks such as hammer dents and nail holes, as well as splits and filled knots. A true conversation piece for your home, Berkshire is available in Walnut, Cherry, Maple, and Hickory.

Available Colors

Stagecoach Walnut

Solid: BEW506
Engineered: BEW506F

Violin Cherry

Solid: BEC511
Engineered: BEC511F

Maple Syrup

Solid: BEM514
Engineered: BEM514F

Parchment Hickory

Solid: BEH510
Engineered: BEH510F

Acorn Hickory

Solid: BEH512
Engineered: BEH512F

Broomstick Hickory

Solid: BEH513
Engineered: BEH513F

Fence Post Hickory

Solid: BEH506
Engineered: BEH506F