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Laminate Trim Molding

Columbia Laminate Flooring Accessories

Choose coordinating molding and trims to complete the room.

Columbia Laminate Flooring offers moldings, trims and stair accessories to give your room a polished look. All are available in wood species and colors that coordinate perfectly with the floor of your choice.

Overlap Stair Nose

Finishes stairs at an economical price.

  • Colors and surface textures coordinate beautifully with our floors.
  • AC3 Wear Layer

Quarter Round Trim

Simple solution for hiding necessary expansion gap.

  • Color and surface texture coordinate beautifully with our floors.
  • Durable wear and scratch-resistant surface.
  • Easy to install with nails or glue.

INCIZO® Instaform Profile

The Instaform profile with Incizo® technology allows you to beautifully transition to other hard-surface floors, as well as carpet, doorways and walls. To use, you simply cut off the piece or pieces that are not needed to create each of the four different molding applications.

  • Easy to install and you always have the correct piece.
  • Less waste because you cut the profile to fit your specific needs.
  • No inconvenient seams in comparison with competitors' existing multi-use profiles.
  • Color and surface textures coordinate beautifully with our floors.
  • Excellent wear- and scratch- resistant surface.
  • AC3 Wear Layer

T-Molding (Expansion Profile)

Connects two sections of Columbia Flooring of equal height.

The maximum length and width of single stretch of Columbia Flooring is 40 feet. Larger areas require an expansion gap between sections. The Expansion Profile covers this required gap.

Hard Surface Reducer (Adaptor Profile)

Provides a smooth transition from your Columbia Flooring to a floor of a lower height, such as tile or a resilient flooring.

Carpet Reducer (End Profile)

Creates a transition from your Columbia Flooring to carpet.

Square Nose (End Profile)

Finishes your Columbia Flooring at a doorway fireplace or wall.


Choosing the proper underlayment is as important as choosing the right floor for your home. The right underlayment actually improves the performance of your floor. Columbia Flooring's premium underlayment improves the sound quality of your floor, provides moisture protection and is safe with underfloor heating. It is easy to install and required to maintain your floor's warranty.


All accessories come with the same warranty as your floor.