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 Onyx Collection
Multi Gold Onyx

Multi Gold Onyx
Multi Gold Onyx
Natural Stone Maintenance and Care


All natural stone should been maintained properly. All finishes of stone – honed, polished or tumbled look beautiful and are very durable when protected and maintained.

Sealing all natural stone is highly recommended. It is suggested that a breathable penetrating sealer is applied. 

• Sweep or vacuum your floors regularly.
• Protect stone from sand and grit – floors may scratch from dirt and debris.
• Wash with clear water – if you use a soap make sure it is PH balanced.
• Never use vinegar or anything acidic on natural stone.
• Be careful with acidic drinks (lemonade, orange juice, etc…) they may etch the stone.
• Use coasters, tablecloths or placemats whenever possible.
• Never use any cleaners that contain ammonia or bleach.
• Use a rag (string) mop verses a sponge mop – dirt often times will get pushed into the grout joints when using a sponge.
• Tend to spills quickly. Sealers do not prevent 100% of damage due to spills.
• Never apply wax or acrylics – this will damage the stone.